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Reading for the Truth: Rhetorical Constructions in Norwegian Fiction

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Reading for the Truth: Rhetorical Constructions in Norwegian Fiction

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Author: Sjåvik, Jan 

Through detailed discussion of central works in Norwegian fiction, Reading for the Truth illustrates and substantiates some important points in the theory of literary interpretation. Inspired by Donald Davidson's epistemological concept of triangulation, the author argues that intersubjective literary interpretation is an attractive alternative to critical practices that focus either on authorial intention or on the ability of readers to impute to a text whatever meaning they like. For when the meaning of a text is arrived at intersubjectively by two or more readers it is much more likely to be an instance of critical truth than when its meaning is assigned by an single reader or critic.
The book discusses such canonical works as Arne Garborg, Peace (1892), Knut Hamsun, Pan (1894), and Ole E. Rølvaag, Giants in the Earth (1924), as well as short stories by Maurits Hansen, Alexander L. Kielland, and Terje Stigen. Focusing on the role of rhetoric and irony in these texts, Sjåvik shows how an intersubjective approach is advantageous, if not indeed necessary, in any serious attempt to establish their meaning.

ISBN-13: 9781877275623                                                                                                          

Publisher: Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC              

Publication date: 02/25/2004                                               Pages:180                                                                                  

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