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Broken Angels

FUZE Publishing

Broken Angels

$ 16.95

by Molly Best Tinsley

Under deep cover in Ukraine, Victoria Pierce is operating without a net. Her CIA mentor, Maud Olson, lies in critical condition after an attempt on her life. Her in-country handler is a nightmare come true. Tasked with tracking the secret export of enriched uranium from Ukrainian stockpiles, she collides with a girl on the run from sex traffickers and finds herself entangled in a vicious web that stretches to perilous heights.

"Tinsley’s expert research and eye for detail weave an elaborate web that even [her protagonist] Pierce is challenged to untangle.  Light one moment, dark the next, Tinsley’s writing heightens anticipation: you never  know which way she’ll turn next. ...The [Ukrainian] setting is authentic and evocative  background for Pierce’s dual quest to save girls from their graves and the world from its bombs."
ForeWord Reviews, Winter, 2013

"The CIA has just posted an agent in the Ukraine, hoping to get a bead on unchecked uranium. But Victoria Pierce’s mission collides with a second insidious business – rampant sex trafficking – dragging Victoria deeper into two criminal conspiracies with potentially global consequences. Half a world away, Victoria’s mentor Maud Olson is nearly killed before she can issue a report on the Ukraine. Can Victoria unravel the web of intrigue she’s stumbled into? And with Maud out of the picture, who can she count on for help?
Broken Angels is the second adventure for Victoria Pierce, who previously appeared in Satan’s Chamber. Here Tinsley unleashes a host of hot button issues – terrorism, nuclear threats, sex trafficking, organ thefts, and the influence of religion on politics – adds a dash of post-Soviet paranoia, and dumps Victoria in the middle. It’s a recipe for espionage, gamesmanship, and no small amount of following-the-money.
…Broken Angels is sharp and well-crafted, with rich characterization and a firm knowledge of modern geopolitics. I suspect Victoria Pierce will have more than a few fans clamoring for her next adventure."
Glenn Dallas

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