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Book Divas™  reaches thousands of visitors each month throughout the world and is one longest-running online book communities on the internet. Besides being a strong community of literary lovers, our members are book lovers that share a wide variety of interests, especially in young adult books and countless genres. music, With our powerful targeting ability, in store promotions, we can make sure your message reaches the right audience of  teens, young adults, adults—with the right message. We also reach an extensive network of librarians & educators.

Book Divas™  can create a thorough and innovative promotion campaign for your new book, up-and-coming author, or women-geared product. We offer a variety of options including:

  • Display Ads
  • Email Newsletters
  • Author Visits
  • Live Chats
  • Focus Groups
  • Sampling Campaigns
  • Sweepstakes
  • In-store placement of books and products promotions and a variety of new interactive tools & games

In addition, watch for our future sites:,,,,,, that are part of of our larger network of websites, retail brick and mortar stores, and product catalogs marketed worldwide to our international clientele.

We have worked with large publishing houses, independent publishers, book stores, museums, movie studios, and other types of companies in the publishing, consumer product and entertainment businesses.

Use our contact form below to request a proposal or to discuss advertising opportunities for your books, products and brands and book signings.

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The Art of Lisa Loucks-Christenson's series, VALENTINE'S ADVENTURES

The Art of Lisa Loucks-Christenson's series, VALENTINE'S ADVENTURES

The Art of Lisa Loucks-Christenson's series, VALENTINE'S ADVENTURES 

This series has been on exhibit since May 1, 2022. The series features Valentine, the Chihuahua on her daily adventures. There are seven books in this series, 32-original watercolor illustrations per book, each with their own story that has captured the hearts of all ages. 

Here are the seven titles in the order they were created:

Blustery Tuesday!

Shipwreck Sunday!

Museum Monday

Stowaway Saturday

Faire Friday

Tea Party Wednesday

Thinkable Thursday

The art with the original stories will release in 2023, both as exclusive books sold at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art (Lisa's store across the street from the world famous Mayo Clinic) and as personalized books published by Story Antics® and Story Antics Personalized Books™using your dogs name in the story, with other customizations available for additional charges. 

Valentine the Chihuahua is an ambassador for the Bow Wow Detectives Agency™  that has several lines of dog books, some award-winning titles, (Bow Wow Detectives®).



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