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Book Divas™ Interviews

Book Divas™ Interviews

We're adding all our interviews to this site, upcoming, recent, and archived interviews. If you're an author who would like to be a featured interview, send us a query with your info.

*If the author link isn't active, it will be in the near future, either the interview has not been released, or it is awaiting final changes before uploading.


J. Patrick Black: Ninth City Burning 

Check back to see what we're cooking up with B.J. Daniels, USA Today Bestselling Author...and her new book,  Lucky Shot

Cate Holahan: Dark Turns

Ken Murray: Eulogy


Heidi R. Kling: Paint My Body Red

Joanne Macgregor: Scarred (for sale in our bookstore)

R. J. Gould: The Engagement Party, A  Street Cafe´ Named Desire


Meg Cabot: The Princess Diaries




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