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News — Bow Wow Detectives®

Bow Wow Detectives®

Lisa Loucks Christenson 1/31/2017 Bow Wow Detectives® by Lisa Loucks Christenson gets new logo Bow Wow Detectives® Bow Wow Detectives® trading cards Lisa Loucks Christenson New Logo for Bow Wow Detectives® Valentine and Ruthie Buttons Bow Wow Detectives®

Bow Wow Detectives®

   1/31/2017: Lisa Loucks Christenson's Bow Wow Detectives has a new logo. The dogs featured on the logo are two of her dogs, who, along with her husky and shepherds were the inspiration for the entire series. You'll find them in the trading cards and upcoming books.  Valentine (left) and Ruthie Buttons (right), are sister siblings, and they are the main characters of the Bow Wow Detectives® series; along with Dani and Dale, Lisa's family's German Shepherds (sister and brother siblings, born 9/11); and the first Bow Wow Detectives®, lead character, Shadow, who was Lisa's family's Siberian Husky for 18...

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