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Cover Reveal for Alexis Noelle's, Chaos

Lisa Loucks Christenson Alexis Noelle Book Divas Cover Reveal for Alexis Noelle Chaos Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal for Alexis Noelle's, Chaos

 - Goodreads -     CHAOS That's my life. No other way to describe it. As the Sargent-at-Arms for the Deathstalkers MC, my days are filled with Constant craziness and crap. But I like it. It's who I am. And what I'm all about. Finally, after years of Hell, everything feels like it's right where it's supposed to be. Except with her She's far from where she's supposed to be. Tracie is so damned determined to be with someone who isn't "one of us."   Delusional. That's what she is. Downright insane at times. Those idiots can't handle...

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