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Joanne Macgregor

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Book Divas Q&A with Joanne Macgreggor

BD: Have you used Gumroad, payloadz, or just put them on your own server to download?

JM: No, I haven't tried those options. I keep trying to find ways where I can spend my time writing, rather than on other aspects of the business.

BD: Is it their customer support for your readers or the ease of using their service?

JM: This is hugely important, because I have neither the time nor the technical ability to help readers with download problems.

BD: Price? 

JM: I find it reasonable, I'm on the max 500 copies a month and I think it costs something like $20 a year (better check that though). It's cheaper than sending gift copies via Amazon.  

BD:What would you tell other authors?

JM: I think it's a great way to distribute ARCs and copies for giveaways, competitions etc.

BD: What would you tell other publishers? Do you use the publisher version? 

JM: I can't afford the higher options yet, though I will when I can because I think I saw a new option in which the pages are watermarked and the copy can only be used by one reader.


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