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Iain Macfarlane's Book, The Power of I Am...So I Can, How To Use Your Experiences To Drive Your Life Legac

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11/4/16 I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Iain Macfarlane on the Book Divas Show. Iain's a gracious man with remarkable business sense and I'd love for you to hear the show.

Listen to our Book Divas Show, the interview is posted at:

Iain's Macfarlane's new book, The Power of I Am...So I Can: How To Use Your Experiences to Drive Your Life Legacy, launched today and is now an Amazon Best Seller! Congratulations Iain on your new release, we couldn't be more happy for you!

If you want to know more about how to write your life legacy or a memoir, pick up a  copy of Iain's book:


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