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Judy Moody & Stink: A Wishbone Wish

Lisa Loucks Christenson Book review by Lisa Loucks Christenson Book Review: Judy Moody & Stink Download activity kit for Judy Moody & Stink: The Wishbone Wish Free Activity Kit Judy Moody & Stink Judy Moody & Stink Megan McDonald Peter H. Reynolds The Wishbone Wish


Megan McDonald's newest book,  Judy Moody & Stink: A Wishbone Wish, is, well, "Frankly," a book to gobble up this Thanksgiving! A delightful tale for readers who will not only learn a thing or few about how Thanksgiving came to be a holiday, but a few things about secret wishes, annual festivals, contracts, and keeping your eyes-on-the-prize. You'll be laughing all the way through Thanksgiving dinner as you remember how Judy Moody & Stink and family celebrated and shared their Thanksgiving Day feast. In fact, you'll probably never be more thankful for your own turkey and all the fixings. 

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Download the Activity Kit from the Publisher, Candlewick Press, Inc.

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